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Hi folks,

I thought I’d jump on real quick and fire off a news update on the sites. As is my way, I’ll start off with some self-defensive history.

Roll-back to a few weeks ago and the one month XBox exclusivity on Dawnguard, the first Skyrim add-on/expansion/whatever you want to call it, was due to expire. Many expected Bethesda would release it for the PC there and then. But they didn’t. In fact, Pete Hines coyly came out and said “We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given any timeline for any such news. If we have any news, i promise i'd tell you”. So Dawnguard was an unknown.

Around this time of the year I tend to take a trip to Zakynthos in Greece with old housemates and past university friends. I’ve done so for the past 4 years now, so when they said they were going again this year I left it to the last minute to decide if I would go. With Dawnguard’s release up in the air, I booked my tickets and went and had a merry old time (thanks for asking), with my middle finger in the air to Dawnguard until I returned. Then Dawnguard middle-fingered me back :(

Without so much of a whisper, Bethesda released Dawnguard on Steam 4 or 5 days ago and lots of people who’d moved on from Skyrim came back, and they were hungry to see what mods had been made in their absence. And that’s when the problems hit. Not only was I away on holiday, but we were literally half-way through rolling out our new download system, so it was a bit like Bethesda pulling our pants down in gym class without knowing we were going commando that day. No fault of their own, of course, it’s the wacky world of Bethesda PR and they’ll do things how they want, and I won’t begrudge them that. However it meant that we had a huge 30% influx in traffic smashing the hell out of our download and database servers whilst we were half way through bringing out a piece of non stress-tested new code. The servers went parp, I went parp, and I also got hit with a nice $5,000 bandwidth overage bill to boot as well. We pushed over 1200 TB of bandwidth last month. I had to look up what 1000 terabytes is. Apparently it’s a Petabyte. New Nexus record, anyway!

So it’s been all hands on deck since then. I returned home about 2 hours ago after a flight back through the night, on zero sleep, and I’ll get this fixed as soon as possible. I’ve responded to a lot of the emails (especially to premium members having problems) but please understand, I’ve got about 3,000 unread messages from the past 2 weeks so if you don’t get a response to your “Why doesn’t it work” email, it’s because I’ve got about 2,000 more of the same email from other people! I’ve just sent in a request for an additional 2 US file servers to lighten the load on these, increase the download speeds and hopefully stop any of the connectivity issues that have plagued the servers in the past 5 days. The coders are busy working on tweaking everything as best they can.

The new download system is taking a back seat for the time being until we can get things back to decent functionality again. I’ll cover what we’re doing in more detail soon, but in a nut-shell normal members are going to get download manager support but the total capped bandwidth will remain, premium members will be able to multi-thread their downloads and hopefully, if all goes to plan, maximise their full internet connection speed to download files much better than before. And NMM will do it all for you, if you use NMM.

Anyway, better get back to sorting all this mess out!


  1. 55jillhere
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    Thanks for the news update i was about to eamil you guys about the lag but ya thanks for the info! Good lock on getting it working
  2. overlord842
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    One thing I'm having problems with is over half of oblivions mods I download quit in the middle so I have to manualy download it and it works fine.but then a couple of them can't activate(like qarls graphics update for.oblivion and it drives me crazy).if anyone can enlighten me on why it apreciated.
  3. Papajack55
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    Happy 11th Birthday!!

    For WizardofAtlantis, I have used the NMM for Skyrim since Skyrim first came out. They update every so often so that may be a thing you may want to look into. If it says "Do you want to update NMM?" I always say yes because it always updates what its capabilities and abilities can do for you, as a user.

    Okay as far as using any of the Skyrim mods for me people, I have not had one issue at all. No matter the size, even after the Dawnguard release and/or issue(s). I still had no issues, but there were a couple of times I had to wait for the file to come up but that was nothing. Once it started, it went all the way through. No probs here.

    I have been a member of the Nexus Community for a while, can't even remember how long, but I must say, I'm proud to be a part of it. Everyone in here is awesome, moderators, premium members, staff, regular folk like you and I, and, wait...that didn't come out right...Just kidding. I love this site.
    I hope to be a continuing member for years to come.
    Thank you all, and your doing a heck of a job regardless of what the situations may arise.
    Keep up the good work!!
  4. ringgold99
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    Some people see a problem and assume that because they have that problem. then everyone absolutely must have that problem. The reality is most people are not seeing these problems. But when one person reports it, then a second one verifies it, then they believe it absolutely must be a system wide bug.

    These problems are being looked into. But often we cannot duplicate the problem - and if you can't see it, you can't fix it. And the people who report often don't give much info beyond saying something like FIX THIS &%$# BUG!!!!. - I don't see the bug, other people don't see the bug. so what is it?

    If this is directed at my post(s), please understand that I HAVE posted in the correct bug report forum, multiple times, and have even commented when other users, having the same problem, have posted their bug reports, and have even pm'd certain Nexus staff directly. Many premium users are having the same problem (premium users cannot download Oblivion, Morrowind, FO3 and maybe other mod files from the Kent premium server and this has been going on since early June!. I have had messages from the highest levels of Nexus that this is, indeed, a problem Nexus is having, and not anything to do with my system or connection. I appreciate the fact that the problem has been acknowledged. Thank you. My problem is that it is taking so long to resolve and that there are no updates, information, or whatever. Eery silence. If Skyrim, FONV, the Witcher, etc. files work perfectly with the Kent premium server (I have personally tested each), why don't Oblivion, Morrowind and FO3. Considering that these are not the newest of games and that Nexus is very very silent publicly concerning the Kent server not having files from these games, what am I or the other premium members to think? All I want is some honest and public information on when the Kent server will again be available for premium users downloading Oblivion, Morrowind, FO3, and whatever other mod files. That's all.
  5. Pushkin17
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    I love that I am actually in a different time zone than majority of your users If I go downloading your files at night or late evening, there is no issue for me.

    It is great that you are expressing your concerns and care about Nexus people, but all in all, Nexus has been and remains a pillar of the modding community for many games and for many years. Do not stress yourself too much over it, we believe in you and know that you can handle it.

    I for one do not hate you for anything, I love the service and been using it for five years now.
  6. unseelie
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    "it was a bit like Bethesda pulling our pants down in gym class without knowing we were going commando that day."

    Man, why'd you have to put that image in my head, bro?
  7. bedog
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    I used to be a premium member. Then the Nexus took a Dawnguard release in the...

    i haven't successfully updated a mod since dawnguard came out. 200 kb/s max and then it cuts out.
  8. ginnyfizz
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    bben46, you prompted me to look for the Waterfox download, as I am on a 64 bit system and Firefox has been a little ornery (including with the Nexus sites) to put it mildly, of late.
    It has preserved all bookmarks and such from Firefox, so I am a happy bunny!
  9. Muddyhead
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    Although I've been a download lurker on this site for more than half a decade, I very, very recently became a Premium member(3 month trial) in order to hopefully better download and communicate as a result of what I've since discovered is a very recent Site-wide bug.

    But, I have also witnessed an unexpected level of civility combined with talent and expertise among the participants attempting to resolve this obviously difficult problem. That discovery, alone, is worth the few nickles the temporary Premium cost me. And I live on a fixed income in US Social Security poverty.

    Kudos, Folks! What an impressive community of gamers and Administrators you are!
    <img class="emoticon" src="" />
  10. WizardOfAtlantis
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    I do have some anti malware stuff running - My browser is run in a sandbox, plus a pop up blocker, Ad filter, Comodo firewall/antivirus and a firewall on my router to block known spam/virus IP addresses. I have had to make some custom settings on the Comodo to allow some things through. I do have UAC set to minimum. I believe the malware makers have defeated that as it's been out long enough.

    You, my friend, are a genius. I have software that blocks those things, too, and it was exactly that. SkyrimNexus has gotten listed! Man, I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure that out myself. I turned it off and Skyrim Nexus loads up fine. Now, I just have to fine-tune it to allow the Nexus-related stuff through.

    Thanks, man. *bro-fist*